#1: I finally did it!

October 1, 2020




That’s right. Although starting is always the hardest part, Guess what?… I finally did it! I started a newsletter. Yay!

I’ve put this off forever — partially because this year has been kicking my ass, partially because emails are such a nuisance. But mostly because I am afraid of not being good enough.

I mean, given how I’m going to treat this (basically as a public diary delivered right to your inbox!), how much more self-righteous can it get?

But let’s think about it like this: hasn’t everyone come across some kind of moment like this in their lives? A moment where some kind of nagging voice in your head belittles your brilliant idea.

No one will give a damn about this, it says. What makes you think you’re better than the other established people who have done it for years?

First of all, I don’t think I’m better than others. I feel that my writing skills are sub-par at best. And I don’t necessarily live the most exciting or fruitful life. I’m not a globetrotter, nor am I a particularly adventure-seeking individual.

But I always want to improve. And I want to inspire others to think courageously. But before I can get to world domination, I need to keep going and push through the friction of mediocrity.

That’s the mentality I take with me through everything – and I urge you to do the same. Starting is always the hardest part but remember you won’t become a master overnight. But if you learn to appreciate the method of your craft, you’ll start to enjoy the ride a little more.

If you’re looking for a sign, this is it and you can also say “I finally did it!”. Do not let that inner voice win today. Think about the life you want to have and take it slow and steady. Emphasis on the steady.

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