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June 27, 2020




It’s true that properly structuring your morning can have a tremendous impact on your work capacity and well-being, but I’m not sure the way many people go about it is as valuable as it may seem — not to speak of sustainable.

We want to start to think about a good morning routine.  Whether it’s a way for you to jump start your morning, spend diligent time with family, do some self-reflection or simply have time to yourself, the bottom line remains. We want to found a series of things that awaken you, set you up for the day, and are ready to hone in on your tasks for the day. I want to set out some more examples for you:

  • Make sure it’s enjoyable: Have something small to look forward to as you’re wrapped in your blankets — I don’t care if that’s a tasty breakfast, a rich coffee, or a morning cigarette.

    • Examples: experiment with simple and delicious breakfast recipes, make a ritual out of making your morning coffee, go for a morning run
  • Utilize the morning freshness and create something: You wake up with a clear mind, a clean canvas to paint on. It’s the perfect time for you to create rather than consume.

    • Examples: don’t check your phone for 1 hour, jot down your thoughts right as you wake up over coffee, draw your dreams out, consider Morning Pages
  • Move: A remarkable number of the world’s greatest artists and thinkers thought their daily walks were absolutely sacred. Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Mahler (as you can see, I’m a huge classical music junkie), all of them took daily 1 to 3-hour *quiet* walks to come up with their best ideas. It makes sense: physical activity has been associated with a ludicrous number of benefits for the brain.

    • Examples: when you feel sluggish take a quick jog or do a 10 minute work out on Nike Training Club (my current favorite way to get a quick workout in).

In the end of the day, we want to make sure you save yourself from decision fatigue. We as humans have to make SO MANY decisions every day, so having a solid morning routine will save your creative energy to do other things. This is the same reason why I’ve eaten overnight oats every morning for the last 3 months. I’m also lucky because I don’t really get tired of food so now I always wake up and know what it is that I’m going to eat!

Take a moment to think about how you can apply these simple guidelines into your mornings to turn them into a work of art. What does your morning routine look like? Has this inspired you to change it?

Tldr: make an intentional morning routine, and make it your ritual every day!

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