• I had an issue with being consistent with my goals and things that I really want to achieve, after talking to Kelly I realize I have no focus and clarity in my life, now that I am working with Kelly things have been a lot better. I feel really good right now, accomplishing the things that I really want to accomplish, and can see progress now that Kelly coach me. I have more clarity on what I need to track and what I need to do. Now I can feel that there is a higher goal that I can achieve. So definitely start working with Kelly, Kelly has been a blessing, the energy that she brings on the table is valuable. You get more than just a coach, you get someone in your corner, someone who wants to see you succeed. She is a genuine person and you really won't regret it.

    Phu Le
  • I feel awesome, I feel like way more clarity, I am more structured, I know what I am doing throughout the week, I know what my monthly goals are and my long term goals. Before starting coaching I did not know what to do so I was kind oh lost, but now My progress has been amazing! What I like best about coaching with Kelly is opening up with Kelly and also being able to guide me and structure my day and showing me to be a better person. My biggest takeaway is being more organize and step back and being able to reflect my day throughout the week or month to see what I accomplish. I am more structured than before. If you are someone that doesn't have a structure and you don't know what you're doing, Kelly is that person to go to.

    Sam Amaani
  • Deedee LeMier

    Kelly was great and I look forward to working with her in the future!

    Deedee LeMier
  • Brock N. Allen

    Kelly Meng is very well organized and very efficient with her delivery. Communication with her was excellent. Kelly is very responsive during the process. The Service was delivered as Described and the result matches the description. I Recommend KellyMeng's services to others.

    Brock N. Allen
  • Gaby De Anda

    Kelly makes sure all the tasks and the goals are being met. She can turn someone who had no direction and no sense of what is going on into someone who is improving everyday and who I have seen change in and is now learning to run the business almost independently. She also comes up with great idea that helps the business which is an added benefit aside form the coaching. She has a natural instinct to help people out and how to look at things and hot it can look better and provide really good value. Kelly is really effective in what she does, she really delivers with what she is saying and she really brings about change.

    Gaby De AndaFixed Heart Films
  • Derek Cheung

    Kelly was amazing to work with. She provided me with some crucial feedback on a sales proposal/presentation that I send out to clients. With her tweaks, she has helped me land deals with luxury 5-star hotels and resorts around the world. Kelly not only has an eye for design and critiqued the aesthetics/design, she gave me high level tweaks that brought a needed sense of clarity to my presentation. Regarding timeliness, she was quick to respond to any additional comments/questions I had.

    Derek CheungElevate Travel
  •    Kyle Mausser

    Kelly is the best, she really puts a lot of effort into helping you get sorted and reaching your goals! She's very resourceful and responsive and makes me feel like I have a good handle on my priorities. She will help you through anything you are struggling with and is very patient but also very productivity focused. She went above and beyond for what I was looking for. She's worth every penny and a lot more. I would highly recommend her to anyone who's looking to boost their productivity!

    Kyle MausserFixed Heart Films
  • Zack Jamasi

    Kelly was very helpful is providing a solution for the obstacles in my way of getting my work completed and add structure to my day. I ended up choosing to work with her for the new months and hopefully thereafter 🙂 Thank you so much for being so positive, humble, insightful and intelligent.

    Zack JamasiREMAX Canada Royal Properties, LLC
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