5 Things That Make Me Happy

September 8, 2020




You love working on your business. Its success makes you a lot of money, and your clients are grateful for the work you do and the results you get for them. This makes you happy.

But after you sign off for the day, its emptiness. Despite feeling happy with the work you’ve accomplished through the day, you only feel an “okay” mood until the next day. You aren’t necessarily fulfilled outside of work. You just wait for the next day, or you open the computer back up again and don’t give yourself any breaks (which I absolutely do not recommend you do).

In the plight of the 40+ hour work week, I urge you to think about what makes you happy. I’ll start the conversation—I’ve compiled a shortlist of 5 things that keep me emotionally fulfilled outside of the workdays.

“Do more of what makes you happy”


Louis Meng rescue dog makes me so happy


1. Take care of my dog.

I cannot make a list about things that make me happy without mentioning the man of the hour, my pride and joy, Louis. He is a rescue pup from the Austin Animal Shelter that I adopted back in January of 2019. Aside from being my first dog, there’s something innately fulfilling about taking care of a living, breathing creature that depends on you.

Taking care of Louis can be anything from taking him on a long walk at dusk or giving him a haircut in your bathtub. Whenever I feel myself becoming overwhelmed with a long workday or emotionally drained, I always turn to Louis for a boost in happiness.


2. Journal and Reflect.

It has taken me years to realize this, but I love writing. I love journaling, I love talking about my feelings.
It’s quite therapeutic to not only catharsis your emotions on a piece of paper, but have an active archive of your thoughts to be able to look back on days, weeks, or months later.

I start every morning with a healthy dose of writing in my notebook and end my days with a quick 3 sentence reflection on what happened in the day. Once upon a time, I religiously did Morning Pages as well. This way, I have a collection of thoughts and recollections for my own benefit. Ever since I bought an iPad, there has been even less friction between the writing I want to do and actually doing it. Besides, how else will my biographer know what to write about? 😉


Backlog of personal care tasks on repeat


3. Take care of myself.

I find deep solace in taking care of my physical appearance, either in makeup or cleanliness. There truly exists a connection between the mind and the body — whenever I feel very stressed and overwhelmed it shows up on my skin as hormonal acne, which then makes my self-confidence flicker, and the vicious cycle continues.

That is why it is non-negotiable for me to start every day with proper skincare and makeup, even if I do not plan on going anywhere that day. The same applies to habitual tasks that I would otherwise forget, such as hair removal, nails, and face masks. These recurring events are housed in my reminder app as recurring reminders. If I don’t take care of myself, then how will I be able to take care of others?


4. Clean.

A dirty environment is never conducive to a nurtured lifestyle. Whenever I feel lackluster, I always turn on some EDM and jam out while vacuuming and mopping the floors.

The result is always better than the former. And cleaning the floors is usually the catalyst for doing more physical activity toward a more clean environment. 9 times out of 10 I realize I feel in a slump because I’ve been physically slumped over my computer for hours before standing up. Besides, Louis never fails to surprise me with how much hair he can shed.


Matcha Ice cream Cake makes me happy


5. Baking and giving the goodies to friends and family.

I love to bake. It is so fun and relaxing. I am one who does well with written instruction, so it’s very therapeutic to me. And I love perfecting recipes and seeing what works well for me. But I hate eating it.

I think there’s something off-putting about seeing how much-melted butter goes into cookies that don’t do it for me. So I’ve found a compromise: I deliver baked goodies to my friends and family so I get to bake (subtle Instagram plug here ), and they get to enjoy it. Not to mention it makes my apartment smell divine.


I would love to start a discussion so you can chime in with your anecdotes.

What’s your environment like? And what do you do to stay happy after work?


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